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8 interesting Spanish Stocks

2012-12-22 14:01 -  , Value Investing

To enlarge my circle of competence, for me it proofed to be valuable to go through a list of stocks in a country from A to Z.
I already did this with Portugese stocks and Greek stocks and of course with German stocks several times, as they are my home hunting ground.

To continue this, I proceeded with Spanish stocks recently.

11 Interesting Greek Stocks

2012-08-13 09:12 -  , Value Investing

Interesting Greek Stocks

Undervalued stocks can often be found, where no reasonable person would believe it. What seems quite obvious in this regard? Right, Greece! Who would invest in Greek stocks at these times? Could Greek stocks be an interesting investment?

Ibersol - the key question for valuation

2012-08-06 08:18 -  , Value Investing

In the “last article on Ibersol”: , a restaurant operator from Portugal, I concuded that Ibersol is a stable company with a historic profitability slightly above average and a not too complicated business. So lets now try to answer the question, what price we would be comfortable to pay for Ibersol, to see if it is a profitable investment.

Ibersol - a profitable Portugese Restaurant Operator

2012-07-30 08:00 -  , Value Investing

After going trough a list of portugese stocks and identifying some interesting candidates, I now looked a bit closer at the first candidate: Ibersol.

7 Portugese Stocks, that may be worth looking at

2012-07-16 06:10 -  , Value Investing


I focused on german stocks for a long time. But as I am more and more at the point, where I looked at almost everything, that could be interesting, I have to expand my circle of competence.

What seems more rewarding, than searching in some depressed countries in southern europe? Portugal is one of them.